When to Start Looking For a Summer Internship


You should consider taking an internship even if it’s not a graduation requirement for your major. Through an internship, you’ll learn many skills you would never have the chance to pick up in the class, gain work experience to put on your resume, and build a network of contacts — perhaps even your future employer. However, since many other students will also be looking for summer internships, you should start searching several months in advance to land a top opportunity.

Three to Five Months in Advance Is Ideal

Unlike with a job, you don’t start working at an internship soon after you accept the position. Companies advertise summer internships several months in advance. By beginning your search at least three and as many as five months ahead of time, you’ll have more options and will be more likely to find something relevant to your career goals.

Why the Summer Is an Ideal Time for an Internship

There are opportunities for internships year round, but the summer is one of the best times to take an internship, for several reasons. For one thing, you won’t have as many other academic commitments and you may even have time off from your part-time job, such as if you work on campus.

Plus, if you want to use your summer productively anyway, there are few better options than an internship. Since the position will be in a field you are interested in, you’ll gain more relevant experience than if you were to search for a summer job and you may find it helps you decide if you’re on the right career path.

How to Find Internships

At the start of the spring semester, head to the careers services on campus to see what resources your university has for students searching for internships. The staff may be able to provide you with a list of internships or give you tips about how to ace an interview. Also stay alert for job fairs on campus, where you can meet potential employers.

Alternatively, you could search for internships on job sites or see if any companies you would like to work for have internships mentioned on their websites. If an employer doesn’t have any internships listed, reach out through email to request an informational interview — there’s always the chance an employer could create an internship just for you.

It’s Never Too Early for an Internship

Although it’s most common to take an internship in the summer of your third or fourth year, some students take an internship in their second or even first year. You may like to consider this if you know exactly what you want to do after you graduate and are passionate about the field you want to enter. In fact, taking an internship early could pave the way for an elite internship later. This, in turn, can improve your chances of landing a great job right after you graduate.

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