Tips for Building a New Friend Group


One of the most daunting things about going to university is starting from scratch with making friends. The likelihood is you won’t know anyone on campus — but the good news is everyone else is in the same boat. Plus, there’s a huge number of people for you to meet, any of whom is a potential new friend. All the same, it’s worth having a strategy in place, as this will mean you establish a new friend group faster.

1. Spend Time with Your Roommates

When you arrive at university, the first people you meet will be your roommates. Even if you and your roommates never become more than acquaintances, it’s worth spending time with them during the first few days to have some company. Plus, they may introduce you to people who do become your close friends.

2. Attend Campus Events

Your campus will likely hold frequent events, particularly at the start of the fall semester. These are a great way to meet other students, especially when you attend events that match your interests.

3. Talk to Your Classmates

Strike up a conversation with people from your classes. You could use something that came up in the lecture as an icebreaker or just ask students how they’re finding the class. You’re particularly likely to have possible talking points with students in classes that are a requirement for your major, as the students will often have similar career goals to you.

4. Join a Study Group

Find out if the students in your classes are forming any study groups you could join. As well as meeting people who may end up being your friends, this will help you gain better grades for the class.

5. Go to Club Meetings

The more involved you are with extracurriculars, the more likely you are to make friends. Choose a couple of clubs or organizations to join according to your current hobbies and based on activities you think you may enjoy but have never had the chance to try before.

6. Find Places Where Students Hang Out

When you have a break during the day, head to a place where students hang out. This could be the cafeteria, the quads, or a student center. This will give you the opportunity to meet people you may otherwise never have encountered. You may even find a whole group of friends at once.

7. Apply for a Job on Campus

If you want to earn an income while studying, working on campus is ideal for several reasons. In addition to lacking a commute and having an employer who is understanding about your schedule, you’ll be able to interact with other students while you work. Chatting with coworkers and customers could easily lead to friendships.

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