How a Performing Arts Class Could Benefit Your College Career


It’s quite likely that one of your options for an elective is a performing arts class. While it may not be immediately obvious how such a class could be beneficial, this is actually a great option — no matter your major — for several reasons. Here’s how performing arts could help you become a more well-rounded student, job candidate, and individual.

1. Learn Creativity

Creativity comes in a variety of forms — one of which is how you express yourself in different situations. Taking a performing arts class will allow you to explore this creativity without judgement. You can carry over the creativity you learn to all aspects of your life, including academics, your career after college, and your personal relationships.

2. Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

Performing arts gives you a blank canvas to do as you please: options of how to tackle each assignment are almost endless. This will teach you how to approach problems you face in life and to find original solutions.

3. Practise Collaboration

Working with others is something college students often struggle with more than anything. It’s much easier to be fully accountable for your work than to need to rely upon others. Plus, knowing that others are relying upon you can be just as uncomfortable. For this reason, it’s helpful to jump at any chance you have to practise collaboration and to improve this skill. Since performing arts rarely involves working independently, this class can be hugely beneficial in preparing you for collaborative work throughout your career.

4. Act on Feedback

Another thing college students tend to find challenging is utilizing constructive feedback. It can be disheartening to receive a lower grade than you expected, especially when your professor makes multiple points about where you went wrong. In fact, receiving a great deal of feedback is a blessing in disguise — when you know exactly what you need to do to improve, you have a much higher chance of receiving a high grade in the future.

Performing arts is unique in that you are physically expressing yourself. Plus, your teacher will often give you feedback in the moment, allowing you to adjust your performance. It will be obvious to everyone if you are trying your hardest, which should motivate you even more. If you apply this approach to your other classes and to the feedback you’ll undoubtedly receive once you start working, you can expect to be much more successful in college and in your career.

5. Gain Confidence

Performing in front of others will give you confidence. You’ll often feel unsure about how the audience will react, which can be an anxiety-inducing experience. With time, though, you’ll learn to let go of expectations and accept any response. You’ll know that you did your best and expressed yourself in a way that may have resonated with some people but not with others. No matter if you’re dancing, acting, or performing in some other way, you’ll be able to apply the confidence you gain through your class to all sorts of settings. For instance, you can use this sense of self-assurance when giving a presentation, speaking at an event, or even advocating for yourself.

6. Enhance Your Focus

If you struggle to stay focused for extended periods of time, you may find a performing arts class particularly helpful. After all, it’s difficult to be anything but fully engaged in the activity. This should teach you how to gain the mindset to block distractions, which you can apply in a variety of other situations.

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