Fun Fall Activities for Students on a Budget


Fall is a time of year almost everyone looks forward to. The weather is still pleasant enough to spend time outdoors and there are many activities happening. If you’re a student on a budget, though, you may feel that everything is too expensive and that you’re missing out on chances to have a social life. In fact, there are plenty of low-cost activities in the fall that your friends will be excited to try out with you.

1. Haunted Attractions

A staple of Halloween is haunted houses. Some of these may be pricey, but it’s often possible to receive a student discount on certain nights. Not only does this make the haunted house much more affordable, it also means the attraction will be full of other university students seeking thrills, which is extra fun.

2. Movie Night

Another classic way to spend Halloween is to watch scary movies with friends. All you need is a TV, the login for a streaming account, and some tasty treats. In fact, this idea works throughout the fall — just with regular movies instead of exclusively scary ones.

3. Corn Mazes and Hayrides

If you hate being scared but you still want to participate in the Halloween fun, a corn maze or hayride may be a better choice for you. Corn mazes are always great exercise (especially if you get lost for hours!), whereas a hayride allows you to enjoy the changing fall colours. Plus, these are two more options that may offer student discounts, and admission tends to include other fun activities.

4. Fruit Picking

Farms that offer corn mazes and hayrides often give you the chance to pick fruit like apples and pears. You’ll also be able to purchase some fall vegetables to take home and prepare into dishes that remind you of your childhood.

5. Pumpkin Patches

One thing you definitely need to pick is a pumpkin. After each of your friends has chosen the perfect pumpkin, take them back with you and have a carving party to see who can come up with the best or most original design. Be sure to keep all the pulp and seeds — you can use the flesh in all sorts of recipes, whereas roasted seeds are a delicious snack.

6. Sports Games

If any of your friends are college athletes, show your support by attending their games. Alternatively, you could host a watch party for a big sporting event in your apartment. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon and the perfect excuse to invite friends over.

7. Hot Chocolate in the Park

If you’re looking for first date ideas that are perfect for fall, nothing beats hot chocolate in the park. Prepare a flask at home or head to a café beforehand. You can then take a stroll in the park and get to know your date. This is also a great activity if you just want to chat to a friend and need a change of scenery or want to enjoy the fall leaves.

8. Bonfires

Another outdoor activity that’s perfect with hot chocolate is a bonfire. Bring marshmallows to roast as well and some blankets to stay warm. You’ll find that conversation flows when you’re all comfortable around a fire.

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