The Complete End-of-Semester Checklist for Students


The end of the semester often comes as a relief — but it’s important to remember it isn’t all over yet. From preparing for your trip home to saying goodbye to friends, it’s easy to overlook the important things you need to do. Use a checklist at the end of every semester to ensure you don’t neglect anything that could cause problems when you return.

1. Finish Your Last Assignments

Make working on any assignments you still have due your main priority. As you won’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself much when you still have a paper to complete, buckle down now and finish your homework as soon as possible.

2. Check Your Email

Whereas you likely check your personal email frequently, it’s easy to overlook your university email when you’re getting ready to leave for winter break. However, since you may receive critical communications now and again, it does help to check on a regular basis. Make a habit of checking at the end of the semester to ensure you don’t miss anything urgent before you leave campus.

3. Confirm Your Final Grades

Although it’s unlikely your university has recorded any grades for your assignments incorrectly, since it is a possibility, it helps to check just in case. Pointing out any mistakes to your professors early will prevent problems down the line.

4. Return Borrowed Materials

Returning electronics, textbooks, and other rented items even a day late can lead to large fees. Check the return dates for anything you’ve borrowed and make a note on your calendar to ensure you won’t forget.

5. Arrange an Appointment with Your Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor is a valuable resource. Schedule a meeting to discuss the coming semester, including what classes you should consider taking and other actions to take that will keep you working toward your goals.

6. Set Aims for Next Semester

Reflect on what went well this semester and what you could have done better. Use this to decide how to make changes when you return to university, including how you could improve your study habits, become healthier, or step out of your comfort zone. If there are specific things you need to do — such as apply for an internship, find a better source of income, or search for scholarships to make your education more affordable — request all the information you need before you leave.

7. Celebrate

Finally, take time to appreciate the hard work you’ve put in this semester and acknowledge everything you’ve achieved. Spend time with friends — you’re sure to miss them over the break — and go to some campus events now you have a bit more time.

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