9 of the Most Popular Majors in Canada


When thinking about what major to choose, a good place to start is by looking at the most popular. This is because those favoured by Canadian students are also the ones with the highest number of employment opportunities after graduation and lead to the best-paying careers. Plus, they’re varied enough that it’s likely at least one will appeal to you. Here are a few of the nation’s top majors to consider.

1. Pharmacology

It’s projected that there will eventually be a shortage of pharmacists in Canada, which makes pharmacology a great choice of major for anyone who is scientifically inclined. To be able to work as a pharmacist, you’ll still need to take an exam, work as an apprentice, and register with the college in your province, but it will be worth it in the end if you’re looking for a high-paying job.

2. Software Engineering

An industry that continues to grow is tech, which means there is a greater need for software engineers. You’ll learn how to make new software systems and maintain current ones. Related majors you may also like to consider are computer science (for the algorithm and data side of things) and computer engineering (to design computer systems).

3. Chemical Engineering

All engineers are in high demand, but the demand for chemical engineers is higher than most. This major can lead to a job in government organizations, energy companies, and the pharmaceutical industry, or to a career in research. You’ll start out by taking general math and science courses that are common to all engineering majors. Then, in your third year, you’ll begin covering concepts like heat and mass transfer and fluid mechanics. You’ll also look at operation design to turn raw materials into final products.

4. Management Science

If you have a good head for numbers and you enjoy programming, management science is a major to consider. You’ll mainly be learning about how to apply statistics to theories and models to solve a variety of business problems. After graduating, you’ll be able to find jobs in analytical roles or as a marketing manager.

5. Finance

A finance major starts out like a regular business major. Once you’ve completed two years of general courses, you’ll move on to acquiring specialist knowledge related to planning, managing, and analyzing finances. Upon graduating, you’ll be prepared to work in positions including bank manager, mortgage broker, analyst, and portfolio manager.

6. Nursing

A degree in nursing along with some extra training will allow you to become a nurse practitioner. Once you’ve gained some experience, you’ll also have the opportunity to complete a master’s and become a registered nurse to increase your responsibilities further. Whatever level you reach, you’ll be playing a crucial role in healthcare.

7. Civil Engineering

There is already a growing need for large projects that require the expertise of civil engineers. This major could lead to designing roads and bridges, constructing buildings and towers, or even to something like working on water supply systems.

8. Business Administration

There will be plenty of jobs available to you after you graduate if you choose to major in business administration. You’ll be able to work at a range of businesses, from law firms to market research companies. During your degree, you can explore various specialisms, although accounting is the most popular option.

9. Geosciences

Majoring in geosciences can lead to a career in mining — including from an exploration perspective or as an environmental consultant. Since there are many mineral and petroleum projects on the horizon, your knowledge will be in demand.

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