9 of the Best Job Ideas for College Students


Many students choose to work while at college to cover their living costs, have some extra spending money, or even start paying off their student loans now. To suit a college student’s schedule, jobs need to be quite flexible — both to fit around your classes and to give you enough time to study leading up to your finals. Jobs should also be low stress, as your academics need to take priority. Finally, it’s ideal if you can find a job that relates in some way to your career goals. The job could be in the same industry as you want to work or develop skills you’ll need. With this in mind, the following nine jobs are among the best for college students.

1. Caregiver

Seniors living at home often need support with daily tasks like personal care, food preparation, cleaning, grocery shopping, and getting to appointments. It’s often possible to find someone who requires support at times of day when you’re available.

2. Restaurant Host

Restaurant work is popular with students because many of the shifts are during weekends and evenings. One position you should consider applying for is as a host. You’ll greet diners at the door and either add them to a waitlist or take them straight to their tables. You’ll also be in charge of organizing servers (such as assigning them to different tables) and overseeing table sections.

3. Camp Counselor

If you want to work with children, becoming a camp counselor is a great option. There are opportunities over the summer as well as after-school programs. You’ll be responsible for leading activities with children and you’ll often need to come up with new ideas to keep the kids engaged.

4. Lifeguard

If you’re a strong swimmer, being a lifeguard is a great way to make an income. You’ll need to complete some training to start working, which will include a lifeguard course and a first aid course. These will teach you about signs of danger to look out for when monitoring pools and how to provide care to someone in an emergency.

5. Swim Instructor

An alternative option for swimmers is to become an instructor. You can teach small groups or give private lessons, often to children but occasionally to adult learners.

6. Library Clerk

You may be able to find a job at a public library or your campus library as a clerk. The job involves assisting librarians in tasks like returning books to the right place on the shelves, helping people find the materials they need, and checking out books.

7. Transcriptionist

A flexible job for a fast typist is as a transcriptionist. This involves transcribing speech in audio recordings and videos into text. You’ll need to invest in a foot pedal and decent headset to ensure you type efficiently and accurately. You can search for jobs independently (such as on freelance platforms) or through an agency. It’s common to be paid on the basis of how many minutes you transcribe, meaning you’ll earn more as you increase your speed.

8. Retail Sales

An evening or weekend shift at a retailer can be ideal for a college student. You’ll learn plenty about customer service and may have some duties related to cash management and inventory. Sometimes, the opportunity to show your creative side may arise by designing new displays.

9. Customer Service Rep

Another way to work in customer service is as a representative. Jobs can be over the phone, answering email support tickets, using live chat, or in person.

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