7 Beach Destinations to Consider for Your Summer Vacation


The long summers you have when you’re a student are ideal for traveling. Even when you have other commitments, you should be able to make time for a short vacation — and if you have nothing else to do, you could even pick a far-off destination. To make sure you have a memorable vacation, choose one of the following best beach destinations.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re taking language classes at university, it makes sense to go to a country where you can put your skills into practice. Spanish learners should consider San Juan in Puerto Rico. The capital is right on the coast, where there are many bars, nightclubs, and casinos. When you want a change from the beach, head into the city to see the colonial buildings, check out the fortresses, and walk the cobblestone streets.

2. Ecuador

A particularly safe country to visit in South America is Ecuador — another great option if you want to practice your Spanish. It also has some of the best beaches you’ll find on the continent. The beaches are particularly great for surfing and yoga as well as just relaxing. If you go to the Galapagos, the most popular island for beaches is Santa Cruz, which has Tortuga Bay and El Garrapatero.

3. Panama City, Florida

A classic student destination is Panama City, Florida. Since the beaches are often packed in the summer, it’s ideal if you like the party scene. Make sure to check for events before you decide to go — you may be able to make it to a music festival.

4. Albania

If you want to go to Europe for a beach vacation, one of the top choices is Albania, which is less expensive than many other European countries. It has fantastic Mediterranean beaches with white sands, set against a backdrop of mountains. When you want to do something other than bask in the sun, you can venture out to the castles and archeological sites.

5. Cambodia

To visit Asia on a budget, consider Cambodia. The hotels are particularly cheap, meaning you can stay right next to the beach without breaking the bank. Try to make it over to Koh Rong (also called Monkey Island) — it has a coast of sandy bays, coral reefs, and coconut palms and a center of dense jungle where you can take zip lines, rope walks, and suspension bridges.

6. Indonesia

A second option in Asia is Indonesia. Its top beach island is probably Bali, which is particularly inexpensive. You’ll often find fun activities are available at the beaches, including yoga and snorkeling.

7. Portugal

A European country that sees less tourism than it deserves is Portugal. Prices are lower than in most of Western Europe and the food is excellent — especially if you like seafood. Although a large amount of the country is coastline, most people agree that the best place for a Portuguese beach vacation is the Algarve.

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