6 Perks of Going to University (Besides the Degree)


If you’re unsure about going to university, it’s worth considering all the advantages it will bring. Besides the obvious one that you’ll gain a degree, there are numerous perks to consider.

1. Learn to Be Independent

Attending university is a great way to learn how to be independent while still retaining a support system. You’ll be responsible for keeping your home clean, managing your time, buying and cooking your own food, and creating your own study schedule. At the same time, you’ll have access to support services from your university. By the time you graduate, you’ll be prepared to live independently in the real world.

2. Form Lasting Friendships

You’ll likely stay in touch with many of the friends you make at university for the rest of your life. This is because university is a great place to meet interesting people and have unique shared experiences.

3. Open Your Mind

The people you meet and the ideas you encounter will help you see the world in a new way. If you’ve always lived in the same town, you may have been surrounded all your life by people with a similar background to your own. Attending university may even introduce opportunities you never realized existed.

4. Enhance Your Capacity to Learn

A university education sets you up to become a lifelong learner. Beyond the knowledge you acquire, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate information and research topics of interest. You may also find that you love learning, which can help you to continue discovering ideas, expand your mind, and become a more interesting person.

5. Gain Crucial Skills

The reason employees like to hire candidates who have degrees is because of the additional skills they will have developed during their time in education. For instance, you’ll improve your tech skills, learn how to collaborate on projects, and improve your communication. This is why it’s often possible to find a job unrelated to your major just on the merit of having a degree.

6. Discover Who You Are

Many students begin university thinking that they know who they are and what they want from life. By the time you graduate, you may have completely different ideas: you may have changed your career goals, switched majors, or even decided to stay in education longer.

In particular, you’ll learn more about your strengths and weaknesses — something that’s not always clear in high school. Subjects you always found difficult before may come alive at university. You’ll also have the chance to engage in numerous extracurriculars, volunteer, and take interesting electives. Something you thought you’d love may end up not resonating with you, whereas you may discover a passion for an activity you’d never considered before.

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