10 Best Apps for University Students


University life can be stressful, especially for students who have to balance their academics with extracurricular activities, a social life, and part-time jobs. Keeping up with assignments and fitting everything in can be tough.

Luckily, there are apps to stay organized and save time. From planning your schedule to managing your finances and staying focused on your studies, here are ten of the best apps for university students.

1. Google Calendar

Staying organized is essential for university students to succeed in academics and extracurricular activities. Luckily, Google Calendar has your back. It allows you to create a schedule that works for you.

Use Google Calendar to keep track of your classes, assignment deadlines, club meetings, and more. You can create multiple calendars and set up repeating events so you never miss a deadline again.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a perfect app for students who need to take notes and create a digital notebook. You can use Evernote to organize notes, scan and search handwritten notes, create to-do lists, write down your ideas, record lectures, create templates, and do much more.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a useful tool for students who need access to files from home or school. You can store documents, class syllabus, homework, audio files, and video clips in Dropbox and access them from any device, whether at home or university. You can even share the files with fellow students or friends and create folders to organize your data.

4. Camscanner

Camscanner allows you to scan documents and create a digital journal. You can scan any handwritten or typed note and create a PDF document. This is especially useful for taking notes in lectures, as you can take a snap of any lecture notes and save them in your journal.

5. Splitwise

Between tuition, textbooks, and living expenses, it can be hard to make ends meet in university. Fortunately, there are ways to save money without sacrificing your lifestyle. Splitwise is one of the best apps to manage your shared finances and stay on track.

This app comes in handy when you’re living with a roommate, say in Kingston student housing rentals, or when you’re funding a joint project with your friends. It allows you to split the shared expenses and stay within your budget. You can then pay your roommates or friends through PayPal or Venmo. This helps keep everyone on track with their finances.

6. Quizlet

Quizlet lets you organize your knowledge and create flashcards to prepare for exams. You can create different decks of flashcards based on things like vocabulary, subjects, topics, or anything else you need to study. You can create study sets and get through them at your own pace, so you never feel overwhelmed. Plus, you can search for existing flashcards made by other users that you may find helpful.

7. Spotify

Being a university student doesn’t mean you’ve to sacrifice your love for music and entertainment. The good news is that Spotify allows you to listen to your favourite music without distracting others. It lets you create playlists and customize the lists to fit your preferences. Consider making a playlist so you can listen to relaxing music on Spotify between classes. Doing so will help unwind your mind and prepare for the next class.

8. Word Hippo

Have you ever been stuck on a writing assignment? Do you have trouble with vocabulary? Do you find it difficult to write essays? Well, you’re not alone. Everyone goes through writer’s block from time to time. Word Hippo can help you break out of this slump.

Word Hippo is an excellent app-based thesaurus that can supercharge your essay writing skills. Simply write in any word, and it will come up with a useful list of synonyms, antonyms, word meanings, and even example sentences.

9. Pomodoro

If you struggle with getting work done while being a university student, Pomodoro can make your life much easier. This time management app lets you set a timer for studies, assignments, projects, and so forth. Each session lasts 25 minutes, after which you get a break. This can boost your productivity and keep you focused on your tasks.

10. Tinder

If you want to meet new people while studying but you don’t want the pressure of going to a formal party or event, try using Tinder. This app matches you based on location and interest, so you can connect with the right people. You can also set up a date with and even make a love connection. Tinder lets you meet and know new people safely without leaving your comfort zone.

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